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Technical specifications


ColorConverter is based on CIE 1931 (2° observer) colorimetry and on standard RGB color spaces. See CIE Colorimetry Technical Report (CIE 15:2004 3rd edition) for more info about standard colorimetry.

The color modes and spaces supported by this app are:

References for these color modes and spaces:

Also are supported

Following standard CIE illuminants are supported (for CIE 1931 standard colorimetric observer). Tristimulus values for these illuminants are from CIE Colorimetry Technical Report (CIE 15:2004 3rd edition, p. 35)

Colors are converted

using different chromatic adaptation algorithms. Following chromatic adaptation transforms (CAT) algorthms are supported. Reference for these CATs is the Bruce Lindbloom website and Color Appearance Model by Mark Fairchild



ColorConverter is a project by Mauro Boscarol. For information and requests, send an email to me.