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You Took My Teeth
Nina Simone
Recording sessions
1982 January: Paris (FR) Studios Davout
You took my teeth
You took my brains
You tried to drive me so insane
And now you're trying to take my eyes
But it is finished
Because I'm too wise

And that is why Bob Marley died
That is why Bob Marley died
And that is why Bob Marley died
They took his eyes

(Lyrics transcription by Roger Nupie)
1988 [0:33] CD 13 Fodder on My Wings CY Records 733622 C (FR) bonus track, erroneously listed as "They Took My Hand"
1985: USA Theatre tour
From the new album: “You took my teeth”

You took my teeth
Unknown recording session
1996 [1:09] CD 4 I Loves You Porgy Bluenite BN034 (NL)