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Who Knows Where the Time Goes
1966 Sandy Denny
The only song of mine that's been done by others is 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes,' which was recorded by Judy Collins and Nina Simone. In a way, I'm glad: it makes a song more personal when it's your own-although, own up, I was knocked out when they did that song!
--Sandy Denny (Melody Maker, 15 May 1971, interview by Ray Coleman)

Recording sessions
1969 October 26: New York Philarmonic Hall
standard version
We are recording tonight and because we are recording we are trying to do some things that actually are too tired to do. But as Faye Dunaway I think it was she she said when Bonnie and Clyde came out and hoped she tried to give people what they wanted. That's a mistake really I know but ah you can't do it but only have to ' You use up everything you got trying to give everybody what they want. But I will learn my lesson soon. And then you will buy more records right cos you gonna see me.

Okay let's see what we can do with this lovely lovely thing that goes past all racial conflict and all kinds of conflicts. It is a reflective tune and sometime in your life you will have occasion to say what is this thing called time. You know what is that ' the clock. You go to work by the clock you get your martini in the afternoon by the clock and you have your coffee by the clock and have to get on a plane at a certain time and arrive. It goes on and on and on and time is a dictator as we know it. Where does it go what does it do' Most of all is it alive'
without spoken words
Across the morning sky
All the birds are leaving
How can they know