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Sunday in Savannah
1943 Hugh Mac Kay
Savannah is a city in the state of Georgia (US) with a historic port.
This song is sung by Cab Calloway & His Band in the soundtrack of 1943 movie Stormy Weather. The Dave Pell Octet (1955), Rosemary Clooney (1958), Tony Pastor and his Orchestra have also recorded this song.

Recording sessions
1961 August 13: New York CBS Camera Three
1968 April 7: Westbury (US-NY) Music Fair with the hot-dog comment by little Lisa at the end of the song
extended version
standard version
It's a song about Sunday in Savannah

One more Sunday in Savannah
Unknown recording session
1973 [2:20] single 1 Anytime, Anyway + Sunday in Savannah Stroud 5506 (US) From "Gospel According to"