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1951 King Guion, Renee Borek, Carl Nutter
Performed by Tony Bennet, reached #17 in US Chart in 1951.

Recording sessions
1959: New York
Since you've been gone
I spend each lonely night
Dealing out the cards
From left to right

And the king of hearts
Is there to remind me
That I'm all alone
Playing solitaire

Love was just
Another game for two
I see now
That's all it's meant to you

And my heart got lost
Somewhere in the shuffle
So I'm all alone
Playing solitaire

In each romance
There's an elemental chance
A gamble to win
Or to lose

You play to win
And you find you're playing
In a game with no rules
Just made for fools

How the joker
Has a laugh on me
Cos I played
My hand so carelessly

And until you wanna share
That old feeling
I'll be dealing time away
With solitaire

And until you want to share
That old feeling
Honey I'll be dealing time away
Dealing time away
With solitaire

(Lyrics transcription by Roger Nupie)