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Since I Fell for You
1945 Buddy Johnson
This song "was a '40 Buddy Johnson tune that had been recorded countless times by everyone from Louis Armstrong to pop-and-R&B vocalist Lenny Welch, who had a Top 5 hit with it in 1963".
- David Nathan, Liner notes for CD Sugar in my Bowl

Recording sessions
1966 October 19 - 1967 January 5: New York RCA Manhattan B
You made me leave my happy home
You took my love and now you're gone
Since I fell for you

Love brings such misery and pain
I guess I'll never be the same
Since I fell for you

It's too bad it's so sad
I'm in love with you
You love me then you snug me
But what can I do I'm still in love with you

I guess I'll never see the lights
I get the blues 'bout every night
Since I fell for you
Since I fell for you

(Lyrics transcription by Roger Nupie)