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See-Line Woman
George Bass
The exact origins of the song are unknown but it is believed to have originated in the southern United States. It was first recorded by folklore researcher Herbert Halpert on May 13, 1939. Halpert was compiling a series of field recordings for the Library of Congress in Byhalia, MS, when he ran across Walter Shipp, a minister, and his wife Mary, a choir director of a local church. Halpert recorded Shipp's daughters, Katherine and Christine, singing a sparse version of "Sea Lion Woman" that defined the basic rhymes and rhythm of the song. Two weeks later the song was covered by musicologist and folklorist John Lomax. This proved to be the first of many covers, though most are based on the version introduced to the pop catalog by Nina Simone in 1964.

Recording sessions
1964 March 21: New York Carnegie Hall
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah alright now alright

See Line Woman she drink coffee
1968 June 16: Montreux (CH) 2nd Jazz Festival
1971 January 8: Amsterdam (NL) Concertgebouw
1980 July 18: Montreal (CA) Place Des Arts Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier
Do you know "See Line Woman" you do
Yes it is isn't it
Oh je l'aime beaucoup le Français
1983 July 30: Pompei (Napoli, IT) Jazz Festival
1984 November 17: London (UK) Ronnie Scott's
Right there right there
See line woman see line
She drink coffee see line
1985: USA Theatre tour
We're going to do "Four Women" coming up soon.
Let's do "See Line Woman". Remember it?

1988 May 6: Hamburg (DE) Fabrik
1988 May 6: Hamburg (DE) Fabrik
1988 September 20: Barcelona (ES) Mercat del Born
1988 September 20: Barcelona (ES) Mercat del Born
1989 October 23: Hamburg (DE) 14th Jazz Festival in der Fabrik
1990 April 10: Paris (FR) Olympia
1990 July 13: Montreux (CH) 24th Jazz Festival
1990 [4:14] CD 7 Madame Nina Simone TS RRC 019 (NL)
1992 May 13-16: Pointe-à-Pitre (GLP) Musiques créoles
1992 June 4: Reykjavik (IS) Háskólabíó Arts Festival
1992 July 2: Montreal (CA) International Jazz Festival
2000 April 13-14: São Paulo (BR) Via Funchal
Unknown recording session
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