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Romance in the Dark
1940 Lil Green
This is a song by Lil Green (1919-1954), an American blues singer and songwriter. See Wikipedia article about Lil Green.

Recording sessions
1966 October 19 - 1967 January 5: New York RCA Manhattan B
In the dark
It's just you and I
Not a sound
There's not one sigh
Just the beat of my poor heart
In the dark

Now in the dark in the dark
I get such a thrill
When he presses his fingertips
Upon my lips
And he begs me to please keep still
In the dark

But soon this dance will be ending
And you're gonna be missed
Gee I'm not pretending
Cos I swear it's fun
Fun to be kissed
In the dark

Now we will find
What the rests have left behind
Just let them dance
We gonna find romance
In the dark