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This is the union of Revolution (part 1) and Revolution (part 2). "Revolution (part 1 & 2)" is Nina's answer to the reactionary Beatles' song with the same title, written by John Lennon (credited as Lennon-McCartney) first released in August 1968 as B-side of "Hey Jude".

I though it was interesting that Nina SImone did a sort of answer to "Revolution". That was very good - it was sort of like "Revolution" but not quite. That I sort of enjoyed, somebody who reacted immediately to what I had to said.
-John Lennon, 1971

In a Art Forum issue, Bob Nickas (curator and art critic living in New York) was asked for his favourite top ten. On 2 was "Nina Simone, Revolution". We quote Bob Nickas:
"I think of it as a love song too. At one point Nina offers to swim the ocean to prove she means what she says, and boy, that voice. Even on the radio, going out over the air to anyone who happens to be listening, it's like she's singing directly to you. Backed by a rousing Sunday morning choir, her voice just swings: The only way that we can stand in fact / Is if you get your feet off my back. Whenever I hear this song, I find myself making the same to-do list: 1. Fall in love. 2. Overthrow the government (more tempting now than ever). 3. Go to Paris (Nina left America for France a long time ago...)"
-From International Dr. Nina Simone Fan Club Newsletter June 2001

I liked them [The Beatles] as a group, and still do, but, gee, it was disappointing to be a young revolutionist in the 1960s and hear them come out with lyrics against revolutionary change. Of course, the Beatles' song was written from the perspective of the Establishment -- lyrics about "minds that hate" and against "Chairman Mao" would not have made much sense to people who were struggling for survival and freedom in the Third World, not to mention in the ghettoes of the US.
Someone who, at that time, stood with the oppressed people was the great African American piano player, composer and singer, Nina Simone.
-Strange Times

Recording sessions
1969 January 8-27: New York RCA Manhattan B
remixed version of Revolution part 1 and part 2
1969 April: München (DE) TV show
1969 April: Paris (FR) Olympia
1969 August 17: New York - Harlem Cultural Festival
2005 [4:34] DVD 5 The Soul of RCA/Legacy 82876 71973 2 (US)
Unknown recording session
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