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Nobody's Fault But Mine
1929 Blind Willie Johnson
A guitar-playing evangelist with a scary, emotion-charged voice, Blind Willie Johnson played some of the most exquisite slide guitar ever heard. Void of frivolity or uncertainty, his 78s were clearly the work of a pained believer seeking street-corner redemption with a guitar and a tin cup. He was gifted with an incomparable sense of timing and tone, using his pocketknife slide to duplicate his vocal inflections or to produce an unforgettable phrase from a single strike of a string. With its wide, rough vibrato, his voice was as fierce as Charles Patton's or Son House's, but much easier to understand.
-Jas Obrecht & Sandra Brennan, All-Music Guide

Recording sessions
1968 September 16-October 1: New York RCA Studios
standard version
Nobody's fault but mine
Nobody's fault but mine
If I die and my soul be lost
remixed version
Unknown recording session
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