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1973 Nina Simone
Opening with Nadi Qamar's kalimba, followed by Al Schackman's sitar, this exquisite piece is a tremendous showcase for Nina's vocal improvisations. She knew innately the power of sound, how the vibration of sound itself could impact heart, mind, body and soul. Never one to concern herself with technique. Nina was far more interested and committed to expressing emotion by any means necessary - as long as her music moved the listener. She could and did use her voice to touch others, paying little if any attention to how "correct" she might sound. This standout track was part of Nina's July 28, 1973 show at Philarmonic Hall and thanks to the compilation producer's diligence in tape research, it is now heard for the first time since that night in all its glory and splendor. An example of "world music" before the term was even in existence. Superb.
-David Nathan, liner notes of To Be Free.

Recording sessions
1973 July 28: New York Philarmonic Hall