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I Sing Just to Know That I'm Alive
1982 Nina Simone
Recording sessions
1982 January: Paris (FR) Studios Davout
Trinidad 1981
1981 it's done
Trinidad 1981
1984 November 17: London (UK) Ronnie Scott's
Thank you
Have you ever been to carnival
This song is dedicated to the people of Trinidad
And carnival 1984

I sing just to know that I'm alive

I play just to feel that I'll survive
And if it's death that's taking place
Where Holiness is just the case
I sing just to know that I'm alive

Well the mountains they don't move
No they don't
And the people they don't dance
And they won't

Je chante I sing I sing I sing
I sing just to know that I'm alive

(Lyrics transcripted by Roger Nupie)
1985 May 4: London (UK) Ronnie Scott's
Paul Robinson on drums
Thank you very much you've been a wonderful audience
Thank you for loving me
1985: Hollywood (US-CA) Rock Steady Studio
I'm alive 1985
Sparrow now it's is done
I came home the only one
1985: USA Theatre tour
I sing just to know that I'm alive
Thank you very much, love you
This song - we take you home with this song – it's called
Unknown recording session
2000 [3:24] CD 16 The Essential Metro METRCD010 (UK)