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I Hold No Grudge
Angelo Badalamenti, John Clifford
Recording sessions
1966 August 26: New York RCA
I hold no grudge
There's no resentment underneath
I'll extend the laurel reap and we'll be friends
But right there is where it ends

I hold no grudge
And I'll forgive you your mistake
But forgive me if I take it all to heart
And make sure that it doesn't start again

Yes I'm the kind of people
You can step on for a little while
But when I call it quits baby that's it
I'm the kind of people
You can hurt once in a while
But crawling just ain't my style

I hold no grudge
Deep inside me there's no regrets
But a gal who's been forgotten may forgive
But never once forgets

(Lyrics transcription by Roger Nupie)