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Gin House Blues
1928 Harry Burke
The song now most usually called "Gin House" or "Gin House Blues" - with the opening lines "Stay away from me 'cause I'm in my sin / If this place gets raided, it's just me and my gin..." - was originally entitled "Me and My Gin", and was recorded by Bessie Smith on 25 August 1928 and released on Columbia 14384-D. It was written by "Harry Burke" which may be a pseudonym of the pianist and songwriter James C. Johnson.
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Recording sessions
1961: New York
Stay away from me
Cos I'm in my sin
Stay away from me everybody
1968 April 7: Westbury (US-NY) Music Fair
1968 June 16: Montreux (CH) 2nd Jazz Festival first encore
Unknown recording session
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