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Four Women
1965 Nina Simone
I am emphatically against the injustices of black people, of third world people. "Four Women" came to me after conversations I had with black women. It seemed we were all suffering from self-hatred. We hated our complexions, our hair, our bodies. I realized we had been brainwashed into feeling this way about ourselves by some black men and many white people. I tried to speak to this in the song. And do you know, some black radio stations wouldn't play it? It is true what they say: the truth hurts.
-Nina Simone I Got Thunder

In the soundtrack of Black Music in America: From Then Till Now (Robertson, 1971) and For Colored Girls (Perry, 2010).

Recording sessions
1965 September 30-October 1: New York
My skin is black my arms are long
My hair is whooly my back is strong
Strong enough to take the pain
1965 December 25: Loenersloot (NL) Mickery Theater
2008 [5:23] DVD 2 Live in '65 & '68 Reelin' in the Years 2.119014 (US)
1967 July 1: Newport (US-RI) 13th Jazz Festival
1969 April: Paris (FR) Olympia
1969 April 26: Berkeley (US-CA) 3th Annual UC Jazz Festival
Four women.

We've done this song many times for you, so we don't have to explain Aunt Sarah too much to you, except to tell you that she's still going to work every morning about 7:30, walking in the streets of Harlem.

She's 107 and she's still scrubbing floors; but it's okay, okay, she don't have too long now. Aunt Sarah, she wears a rag on her head. And dig it, head rags are in fashion these days; they're all in vogue. Aunt Jemima is in style [audience laughs]. Aunt Sarah has lived long enough to see the full circle come round.
1969 July 27-28: Antibes (FR) 10th Jazz á Juan Festival
1969 August 17: New York - Harlem Cultural Festival
2005 [4:34] DVD 6 The Soul of RCA/Legacy 82876 71973 2 (US)
1977 July 19: Antibes (FR) 19th Jazz á Juan Festival
1977 December 4: London (UK) Theatre Royal Drury Lane
1985: USA Theatre tour
Four women

My skin is black my arms are long
1987: Hollywood (US-CA) Vine Street Bar and Grill
This is called "Four Women"

My skin is black
1990 July 13: Montreux (CH) 24th Jazz Festival
1992 May 13-16: Pointe-à-Pitre (GLP) Musiques créoles
Unknown recording session
2008 [4:10] MP3 10 Protest Anthology Stroud (US)