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For a While
1970 Bob Gaudio, Jack Holmes
This is a track from the 1970 Frank Sinatra's album Watertown, considered his most unconventional one. Composed by Bob Gaudio (music) and Jack Holmes (lyrics) Watertown (subtitle "A love story") is a concept album about "the disintegration of the traditional nuclear family".

"In a series of soliloquies, the nameless narrator tells us his heartbreaking story of personal loss and unrealized redempion. His wife has left him and their two boys for the lure of the big city, and her absence hangs palpably in the air." (from the liner notes of the CD issue).

As far as "For a While" concerned, the 3rd of the 10 tracks of the album (11 on the CD), says Jack Holmes: "I've always felt that there is that moment in your life, when you forget about someting that is really terrible. For five minutes the sun is shining and everything is beautiful. Then all of a sudden you realize that the person you cared about is gone, and it all comes back. It is one of those horrible things about grief -- one of those little holes in grief when it becomes even more painful."

Watertown was originally published in 1970 as LP Reprise. Reissued in 1995 as CD Reprise 9362-45689-2.

Recording sessions
1984 November 17: London (UK) Ronnie Scott's
Lost from day to day
So I turn another way
With a laugh a kind hello
Some small talk with a few friends that I know

I forget I'm not over you
For a while

This song is dedicated to my lover
Who's gone from me
From Liberia West Africa

A weak and easy grin
And a smile to put them in
With so many other lives to listen to
And some music that I've got to do

I forget I'm not over you
For a while

Days go by with no empty feeling
When I work and work and work I forget
Until I go home and touch my hair
And feel my skin
And I remember
That you've gone

People say to me
You need company
When you have some time to spend
Drop around when you need a friend

They forget I'm not over you
For a while

I can't go on without you
Your love is all I'm living for
I know whatever betides me
I love you Sisi
I love you
I do

(Lyrics transcription by Roger Nupie)
1985: Hollywood (US-CA) Rock Steady Studio
Lost from day to day
Turned another way
With a laugh a kind hello
1985: USA Theatre tour
From our new album it's called "For a While"

Lost from day to day