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End of the Line
1961 John Edmondson, Cynthia Medley
I loved Nina for recording my song, "End Of The Line" on Philips in 1961. What a thrill! Since then it has been released on three compilation albums: Pastel Blues/Let It All Hang Out, After Hours and Night Song. I would still be thrilled, except that she is obligated by contract to pay writers' royalties and a co-publishing share, and she has refused to even acknowledge my or my co-writer's existence. So, we have never received royalties on the three compilation albums since their release starting in 1990. I've lost a great deal of respect for Miss Simone, not to mention time, effort and grief. Anyone have a suggestion for my plight?
-John Edmondson, 27 February 2002 on Amazon Customer Reviews

Recording sessions
1965 May 19-20: New York
This is the end of the line
I've clearly read every sign
The way you glance at me indifferently