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End of the Line
1961 John Edmondson, Cynthia Medley
I loved Nina for recording my song, "End Of The Line" on Philips in 1961. What a thrill! Since then it has been released on three compilation albums: Pastel Blues/Let It All Hang Out, After Hours and Night Song. I would still be thrilled, except that she is obligated by contract to pay writers' royalties and a co-publishing share, and she has refused to even acknowledge my or my co-writer's existence. So, we have never received royalties on the three compilation albums since their release starting in 1990. I've lost a great deal of respect for Miss Simone, not to mention time, effort and grief. Anyone have a suggestion for my plight?
-John Edmondson, 27 February 2002 on Amazon Customer Reviews

Recording sessions
1965 May 19-20: New York
This is the end of the line
I've clearly read every sign
The way you glance at me indifferently
And take your hand from mine

This is the end of the line
How can I ever define
How helpless I've become
I feel like some discarded Valentine

Remember in the beginning
Your winning ways excited me
And all the while I was certain that we too
Found a love that comes just to a few

Now we've reached the end of the line
I hope your dreams turn out fine
I'm awfully tired and so
I guess I'll go although it's only nine

But this is the end of the line
The end of the line

(Lyrics transcription by Roger Nupie)