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Don't You Pay Them No Mind
1967 Richard Ahlert, Robert Scott
Recording sessions
1966 August 26: New York RCA
People laugh each time
They see us walking by
And their whispering just makes you feel
Like you wanna cry

Keep on walking by my side
Don't look behind
You know I love you
So don't you pay them no mind

People say our love
Ain't gonna last too long
And they point at us
Just like we've been only carrying on

Keep on looking in my eyes
And we'll be fine
You see I love you
Don't pay them no mind

Stay with me and let them see
Let them know
That you love me
That you love me

If it's true who cares
What they do
Cos I don't need
Anyone but you

Just you and me
We're gonna make it all alone
Let them laugh at us
We're gonna build a world all our own

Keep holding keep holding on to me
They'll learn in time
I really love you
So don't you pay them no mind

You know I love you
You know I can't do without you
So don't pay them no mind

(Lyrics transcription by Roger Nupie)
1967 July 1: Newport (US-RI) 13th Jazz Festival
Unknown recording session
2008 [2:42] DVD 3 To Be Free Legacy Recodings (US)