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Blues for Mama
1966 Abbey Lincoln, Nina Simone
Recording sessions
1966 October 19 - 1967 January 5: New York RCA Manhattan B
Hey Lordy Mama I heard you weren't feeling good
They're spreading dirty rumors All around the neighborhood

They say you're mean and evil And don't know what to do
That's the reason that he's gone And left you black and blue

Hey gal tell me What you're gonna do now

They say he's left you all alone To weather this old storm
He's got another woman now A-hanging on his arm,

Yeah yeah yeah That old fool's tellin' everybody He's sick and tired of you

Hey Lordy Lordy Mama What you gonna do
Hey gal Tell me what you gonna do

They say you love to fuss and fight And bring a good man down
And don't know how to treat him When he takes you on the town

They say you ain't behind him And just don't understand
And think that you're a woman But acting like a man

Hey Lordy mama What you gonna do now
Get your nerves together, baby And set the record straight set it straight

Let the whole round world know It wasn't you That cause his bitter fate

All these years you loved him And he knows that it's true
Cos what you want for your man Is what he's wantin', too

Hey gal tell me What you gonna do now

When you love a man enough You're bound to disagree
Cos ain't nobody perfect Cos ain't nobody free

Hey Lordy mama Tell me what you're gonna do What you're gonna do

(Lyrics transcription by Roger Nupie)
1967 August 25: Berlin (DE) Funkausstellung
1967 LP 8 Gala Abend der Schallplatte SBF/AGF T 75757 (DE)