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Backlash Blues
1966 Langston Hughes, Nina Simone
Recording sessions
1966 October 19 - 1967 January 5: New York RCA Manhattan B
Mr. Backlash Backlash
Just who do think I am
You raise my taxes, freeze my wages
1967 July 1: Newport (US-RI) 13th Jazz Festival
1968 April 7: Westbury (US-NY) Music Fair
Didn't she do it Alright... Hope you got that on that tape

Yeah yeah so Mr. Backlash Backlash
remix 2005
2006 [3:32] CD 2 Forever Young, Gifted & Black RCA Victor (US)
1968 June: London (UK) Granada TV
1968 June 16: Montreux (CH) 2nd Jazz Festival
1969 April: München (DE) TV show
1969 April: Paris (FR) Olympia
1969 April 26: Berkeley (US-CA) 3th Annual UC Jazz Festival
1969 August 17: New York - Harlem Cultural Festival
1976 July 3: Montreux (CH) 10th Jazz Festival
1985: USA Theatre tour
Mr Backlash Mr Backlash
Who you think I am
You raise my taxes and freeze my wages
1988 May 6: Hamburg (DE) Fabrik
Unknown recording session
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