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The Assignment Song-Sequence
1969 Jan Hendin
This is a song from the 1969 album Gipsy People by the short-lived duo Jan Hendin and Lorraine Lefevre, a pair with obscure origin. The album, their sole release, was recorded in London but only released in the US and Canada, and is a collection of acid-tinged folk and pop, acclaimed as one of the best female psychedelic albums of the late 1960s.

Like the Gypsies themselves, the pair's past was shrouded in mystery, and once they packed up and left, their future destination was equally unknown. But Jan & Lorraine left behind a stunning, fiery album, as thrilling and exotic as a Gypsy dance.
-Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide

Recording sessions
1969 April 26: Berkeley (US-CA) 3th Annual UC Jazz Festival
1969 June: Atlanta (US-GA) Morehouse College
Are on their way
Another way for today

2007 [2:18] DVD 6 College Concerts and Interviews Andy Stroud (US)
1969 October 26: New York Philarmonic Hall
The assignment, the assignment, okay. Not too loud now, not too loud. The song is called the assignment, talks about the lover's gap, the gap between lovers, especially in marriage and other forms.

Bouncing off your wall
short version
1970 [3:30] single 2 Assignment Song (Sequence) RCA Victor SPS-45-213 (US)
without spoken words
Bouncing off your wall
The pathways of my mind
Are on their way