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The Essential, vol. 2
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RCA 07863-66307-2 (1994 US)

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 1 [3:42] Here Comes the Sun   George Harrison slightly extended

 2 [1:35] Compensation   Nina Simone, Paul Lawrence Dunbar

 3 [4:08] Who Am I?   Leonard Bernstein

 4 [4:54] Just Like a Woman   Bob Dylan

 5 [3:18] Angel of the Morning   Chip Taylor

 6 [2:35] Peace of Mind   Harry M. Woods

 7 [5:08] Revolution   Weldon Irvine jr, Nina Simone remixed version of Revolution part 1 and part 2

 8 [3:15] O-o-h Child   Stan Vincent

 9 [3:23] Save Me   Aretha Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Curtis Ousley

 10 [2:07] The Human Touch   Charles Reuben

 11 [3:30] Another Spring   Angelo Badalamenti, John Clifford

 12 [4:41] The Desperate Ones   Jacques Brel, Gerard Jouannest, Eric Blau, Mort Shuman

 13 [3:05] Everyone's Gone To the Moon   George Kennet King

 14 [3:20] Cherish   Terry Kirkman

 15 [5:00] New World Coming   Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil

 16 [5:44] My Way   Paul Anka, Claude François, Jacques Revaux, Gilles Thibault with expanded lyrics

Liner Notes by David Nathan
If there is any truth to the notion that true artistry is eventually given its due and its creator the recognition their work merits, Nina Simone can look back on the past few years with a wry smile. While the body of recorded work she's created over some 35 years has often escaped the notice of mainstream audiences in the U.S., Simone's music has undergone something of a renaissance in recent time.

to be continued