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Tell It Like It Is
Posthumous discography

Sony BMG (2008 UK)

Two CD set of rare tracks recorded during Nina's tenure with RCA Records 1967-73, produced in conjunction with the International Dr. Nina Simone Fan Club. Compilation: Keith Munro & Roger Nupie. Liner notes: Roger Nupie. With previously unpublished pictures from Roger Nupie's collection.
Review (Italian) by Riccardo Bertoncelli.
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Disk 1
 1 [2:34] Così ti amo   Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Franco Boldrini, Gino Paoli

 2 [2:48] To Be Young, Gifted and Black   Weldon Irvine jr, Nina Simone standard studio version

 3 [2:53] Ain't Got No / I Got Life   Gal MacDermot, James Rado, Gerome Ragni

 4 [4:37] Turn! Turn! Turn!   Pete Seeger

 5 [5:13] Suzanne   Leonard Cohen alternate track

 6 [2:37] Peace of Mind   Harry M. Woods

 7 [2:18] Do I Move You?   Nina Simone another take

 8 [3:47] Come Ye   Nina Simone

 9 [1:45] Take My Hand Precious Lord   Thomas A. Dorsey

 10 [12:56] Why? (The King of Love Is Dead)   Gene Taylor original unedited version

Disk 2
 1 [3:23] Save Me   Aretha Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Curtis Ousley

 2 [2:20] Why Must Your Love Well Be So Dry?   Thomas Harold, Evretts Randie, Crawford Virdi

 3 [3:04] Whatever I Am, You Made Me   Willie Dixon

 4 [4:32] What Have They Done To My Song, Ma   Melanie Safka

 5 [5:11] Suzanne   Leonard Cohen

 6 [4:21] Music for Lovers   Bart Howard Nina plays organ

 7 [2:27] In Love in Vain   Jerome Kern, Leo Robin

 8 [5:10] I'll Look Around   George Cory, Douglas Cross

 9 [3:39] The Man With the Horn   Edgar DeLange, Truman Elliot Jenney, Bonnie Lake

 10 [2:09] The Glory of Love   Billy Hill

 11 [1:41] My Father   Judy Collins

 12 [8:12] Jelly Roll   Traditional

 13 [3:52] Tell It Like It Is   Aaron Neville, Alex Fogarty

 14 [8:44] 22nd Century   Exuma

 15 [7:22] A Charge to Keep I Have   Charles Wesley, Lowell Mason listed Thandewye