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Trip TLX-9521 (1973 US)

Stroud production from live material.

Fine collection of 1960-1970 live dates on two LP's which capture the intensity of her will and strong vocal ability. "Four Women" and "Strange Fruit" are special kinds of works.
-Billboard 8 December 1973

Here is a fine cross-section of the art of Sister Simone, the one-woman revolution. Drawn from material recorded over a ten-year period with the earliest set dating back to a 1960 appearance at Chicago's Lake Meadows club, it provides a welcome retrospective of at least a portion of her prodigious creativity. Three of the four sides were recorded live and thus capture the apocalyptic fire of her increasingly rare performances. On gems such as "Four Women", "Sinneman", "I Love My Baby" and Richie Havens' "No Oppotunity Necessary", one can only mod the head and acknowledge that this black woman's art is, indeed, timeless.
-Ebony April 1974

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Tracks sorted by number (sort by session or by title)
Disk 1
 1 [8:59] Four Women   Nina Simone

 2 [7:57] Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out   Jimmie Cox

 3 [5:00] The Assignment Song-Sequence   Jan Hendin

 4 [4:25] No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed   Richie Havens

 5 [4:28] I Love My Baby   Andy Stroud

Disk 2
 1 [3:29] Strange Fruit   Lewis Allan, Sonny White

 2 [5:24] I Love to Love   Herbert Baker, Lennie Hayton

 3 [5:35] Dink's Song   Traditional listed as "Ding's Song"

 4 [13:00] Sinnerman   Traditional

 5 [2:44] I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl   Tim Brymn, Dally Small, Clarence Williams