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Festival Album 189 (1974 FR)

French edition
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Disk 1
 1 [8:59] Four Women   Nina Simone

 2 [7:57] Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out   Jimmie Cox

 3 [5:00] The Assignment Song-Sequence   Jan Hendin

 4 [4:25] No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed   Richie Havens

 5 [4:28] I Love My Baby   Andy Stroud

Disk 2
 1 [3:29] Strange Fruit   Lewis Allan, Sonny White

 2 [5:24] I Love to Love   Herbert Baker, Lennie Hayton

 3 [5:35] Dink's Song   Traditional listed as "Ding's Song"

 4 [13:00] Sinnerman   Traditional

 5 [2:44] I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl   Tim Brymn, Dally Small, Clarence Williams