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Forbidden Fruit
Original discography

Colpix CP/SCP 419 (1961 US)

Nina's fourth album with Colpix. Recorded March (?) 1961 and released June 1961.

Nina Simone's unique vocal style is in soft rapport with the ballads and blues on this LP. There are many rather unusual items in the set like Oscar Brown Jr.'s "Rags and Old Iron," "Gin House Blues," Nat Adderley's swinging "Work Song," and the title tune "Forbidden Fruit." While this excellent album features mostly vocal stylings, there are spots which showcase the gal's powerful piano technique. The act should go well with her many fans and could make a distinctive pop-jazz item. She is backed throughout by rhythm and guitar.
-Billboard 5 June 1961.

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Tracks sorted by title (sort by session or by number)
 1 [4:07] Forbidden Fruit   Oscar Brown jr

 2 [3:37] Gin House Blues   Harry Burke

 3 [3:01] I Love to Love   Herbert Baker, Lennie Hayton

 4 [5:00] I'll Look Around   George Cory, Douglas Cross

 5 [3:21] Just Say I Love Him   Jimmy Dale, Rodolfo Falvo, Enzo Fusco, Martin Kalmanoff, Jack Val, Sam Ward

 6 [2:31] Memphis in June   Hoagy Carmichael, Paul Francis Webster

 7 [2:49] No Good Man   Dan Fisher, Sammy Gallop, Irene Higginbotham

 8 [6:32] Rags and Old Iron   Oscar Brown jr, Norman Curtis

 9 [2:35] Where Can I Go Without You   Peggy Lee, Victor Young

 10 [3:45] Work Song   Nat Adderley, Oscar Brown jr

Liner Notes
In Forbidden Fruit, Nina Simone sings of people in love--and of the circumstances that sometimes keep the from it. While some of the songs are conventional--in the sense that their melodies are haunting and in the love song tradition--others are concerned more with the realities of troubled love. In the latter category, for example, are Rags and old Iron, Gin House Blues, Work Song and Forbidden Fruit. This album, more that ever, proves Nina's amazing versatility, and stamps her again as one of the great talents of our time.