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CTI 7084 (1978 US)

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 1 [4:37] Baltimore   Randy Newman Al Schackman, piano

 2 [3:57] Everything Must Change   Bernard Ighner

 3 [4:57] The Family   John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins David Matthews, piano - Jerry Friedman, guitar

 4 [4:54] My Father   Judy Collins

 5 [3:40] Music for Lovers   Bart Howard

 6 [3:31] Rich Girl   Daryl Hall Will Lee bass - Andy Newmark drums - Jerry Friedman guitar

 7 [2:52] That's All I Want from You   M. Rotha

 8 [2:54] Forget   Ralph Colucci, David Matthews David Matthews, piano

 9 [2:24] Balm in Gilead   Traditional

 10 [3:17] Heaven Belongs To You   Traditional Al Schackman, tambourine