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RCA Victor LSP 4102 (1969 US)

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 1 [2:58] Seems I'm Never Tired of Lovin' You   Carolyn Franklin

 2 [2:56] Nobody's Fault But Mine   Blind Willie Johnson standard version

 3 [3:18] I Think It's Going to Rain Today   Randy Newman

 4 [3:05] Everyone's Gone To the Moon   George Kennet King

 5 [1:35] Compensation   Nina Simone, Paul Lawrence Dunbar

 6 [4:09] Who Am I?   Leonard Bernstein

 7 [3:29] Another Spring   Angelo Badalamenti, John Clifford

 8 [2:07] The Human Touch   Charles Reuben

 9 [4:45] I Get Along Without You Wery Well (Except Sometimes)   Hoagy Carmichael

 10 [4:38] The Desperate Ones   Jacques Brel, Gerard Jouannest, Eric Blau, Mort Shuman

Liner Notes by Tom (The Master Blaster) Reed
This Is "Pure" Nina
This album is a first for Nina Simone. It features Nina accompanying herself on the keyboard. There is one instance of overdubbing the organ and some others of dubbing her voice and of clapping and tambourines, but in this album everything is done solely by Nina Simone with no outside help.
The product here is "pure" Nina. Always pertinent, persuasive and exciting. This great artist has the lustly, lyrical and explosive power to ignite audiences of all races. Her message is that of life on this earth: THE TRUTH.
The impact here is individual, for Nina treats each song differently, and each compliments the other. Nina is a strong but dedicated woman – dedicated to turning her listeners "on" and continually demonstrating her boundless creative talents.
It has been said by many music critics that Nina is the most emotional songstres in the world today. Her total involvement will enhance one person's mind while, on the other hand, she might intonate another. Yes, Nina Simone doesn't play games – she plays piano and sings. Let's listen!
Blues, soul and all the musical connotations that magnify the musical ability of black artists are apparent in Nina's rendition of 'Seems I'm Never Tired Lovin' You'. The black spiritual 'Nobody's Fault But Mine,' which is now a standard, adds to the total color of the album.
As we continue, Nina's vast background in life changes furthers her individualism in each song she sings. Like all of us, she has experienced her share of life's sorrow, disappointments, happiness and bitterness. In short, Nina has tasted life, and this is what she sings about. This is particularly noticable on 'I Think It's Going to Rain Today' and 'Everyone's Gone to the Moon.' The latter song is indeed apropos in light of the recent Apollo 7 flight. In closing Side 1 of this remarkable album, Nina takes off on a poem written by black poet Paul Lawrence Dunbar. It's called 'Compensation.'
'Who Am I' and 'Another Spring' present a stirring emotional setting guided by an intelligent train of musical thought. Note the gospel roots of black life in 'Another Spring.' Nina's ballad style is evident on the informative and poetic 'The Human Touch.' She treats the evergreen 'I Get Along Without You Very Wel'with tender expressiveness.
'The Desperate Ones' is an English translation of one of the outstanding Jacques Brel compositions currently being featured in the off-Broadway hit musical "Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris." Nina's a gas here.
That's it. Now you have it – the most enjoyable musical presentation I've ever heard.
NINA SIMONE AND PIANO is stylish, subtle, inventive, soulful and "pure."