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Keeper of the Flame
Original discography

Philips B70 048 BFY (1969 NL)

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 1 [3:00] Don't You Pay Them No Mind   Richard Ahlert, Robert Scott

 2 [2:17] I'm Gonna Leave You   Rudy Stevenson

 3 [2:01] Brown Eyed Handsome Man   Chuck Berry

 4 [3:20] Keeper of the Flame   Charles Derringer

 5 [2:42] The Gal From Joe's   Duke Ellington, Irving Mills

 6 [2:49] Take Me to the Water   Traditional

 7 [2:47] I'm Going Back Home   Rudy Stevenson

 8 [2:18] I Hold No Grudge   Angelo Badalamenti, John Clifford

 9 [3:35] Come Ye   Nina Simone

 10 [3:09] He Ain't Comin' Home No More   Angelo Badalamenti, John Clifford

 11 [3:04] Work Song   Nat Adderley, Oscar Brown jr

 12 [4:03] I Love My Baby   Andy Stroud