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Nina Simone "Live"

Coronet CXS-242 (1964 US)

Second reincarnation of "... the first album I ever made ... a pirate that I never got paid for and knew nothing about". Previously same five tracks were published as Starring Nina Simone. Other four tracks are credited to Vince Guaraldi, but see here below.

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Comment about Vince Guaraldi by Derrick Bang
Despite what you might think from the cover, Nina Simone and Vince Guaraldi don't work together on this one. Side A has five Simone songs, recorded live in Atlantic City in 1956. As this wasn't enough to fill an album, five tracks by George Wallington were put on the B side when first released in mono on the Spinorama label. The album later was re-released in stereo on the Coronet label (both Spinorama and Coronet were divisions of Premier Albums Inc.), and the Wallington cuts were replaced by four cuts credited as "Vince Guaraldi plays": "Fine Shapes," "Let's Make It," "Fallout" and "They Said."

Except that the pianist in this group -- which sounds like a quintet of piano, bass, drums, sax and trumpet (often muted) -- sure doesn't get much of an opportunity to shine. No additional personel are credited, although the brief notes mention Guaraldi's recent pop single, "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" (but not as a Grammy winner, which suggests that hadn't yet happened when this re-issue hit stores). My guess is that this session probably dates to the same time period as Simone's work, and featured Guaraldi as a sideman behind the clearly dominant trumpet and sax players.

But who are they? And is the pianist in fact Guaraldi? It sure doesn't sound much like him, although certainly he hadn't nailed down his "signature sound" during the middle '50s, and thus these cuts could represent proto-Guaraldi, as it were. Meanwhile, they're certainly interesting...

Tracks sorted by number (sort by session or by title)
 1 [5:06] I Loves You Porgy   George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward

 2 [3:36] Since My Love Has Gone   Aaron Neville, Wasserman

 3 [3:39] Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair   Traditional

 4 [2:22] Loving Woman is Waste of Time   Cecil Anderson listed as "Lovin' Woman"

 5 [3:18] Baubles, Bangles and Beads   George Forrest, Robert Wright