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A compilation of performances by Nina and members of her Family (Step-sons and Cousin), Friends (Hazel Scott and Boy Edgar) and a rare recording of a French lesson for the correct pronunciation of the lyrics of Ne Me Quitte Pas. This CD is manufactured on demand when ordered from
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 1 [4:10] I Never Cry   Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner

 2 [3:13] Exactly Like You   Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh

 3 [3:41] Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out   Jimmie Cox recorded at the home of Nina Simone with Hazel Scott

 7 [5:52] Baltimore   Randy Newman

 8 [4:47] You've Got to Learn   Charles Aznavour, M. Stellman

 11 [4:56] Rich Girl   Daryl Hall

 13 [6:07] Ne Me Quitte Pas   Jacques Brel

 15 [2:32] It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)   Duke Ellington, Irving Mills

I produced this compilation of rare Nina Simone performances in some of which she is accompanied by FAMILY, FRIENDS and a FRENCH LESSON. The recordings are mostly unknown and provide a rare opportunity for her worldwide audience to listen and appreciate.

We have performances by a group, FRICTION, singing R&8 and and Hip-Hop style music. Included in the group are my sons, Andy Jr. and Renny Stroud, who as young children often sat listening to Nina as she rehearsed and wrote new songs. In 1985 Capt. Andrew "Bucky" Stroud and Sgt. Lillard "Maverick" Gaither, two Army soldiers at Ft. Carson, CO collaborated and wrote "Bar-B-Q" which they recorded with their producer Al "Monster Man" Hazard. They also wrote "Love Me With Your Fantasy" and "Papers Can't Erase the Memories" which include Renny Stroud on vocals.

A new and bright singer, Cousin SANDRA BASHAN, is also featured performing two of her favorite songs, "Misty" and "Whatever Lola Wants" which I believe will stir the souls of the listeners. Born in Colorado Springs, CO Sandra's love for all types of music was introduced to her by her mother, Nadine, who played music every morning ranging from Ray Charle[s] to The Beatles. According to her mother, Sandra was singing "before she could talk". Her early experience came from school and church musicals. Years later she was featured on Comcast Cable's "The Solution Is" and has appeared in Europe. In the future, Sandra hopes to record in English and Hebrew.

HAZEL SCOTT was one of the world's most outstanding classically trained pianists/singer, a child prodigy, studied at Julliard and appeared numerous times in New York's Carnegie Hall (very similar to Nina). I knew Hazel's Uncle Cyril Long and hes family since early childhood but Nina met Hazel for the first time in France in 1965 on her first European tour. The two of them immediately formed a pianist/singer mutual admiration friendship. During a subsequent visit to our home in Mount Vernon, NY, Hazel and Nina were sipping wine, playing piano, singing and chatting. Luckily, I was able to capture the rare moment which resulted in the only recording of the two of them which I now share with the listeners.

Luckily I was able to capture this rare moment of Hazel singing "Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out" with the four handed piano of Hazel & Nina with Nina's exclamations followed by the chit-chat exchange between the three of us which makes this a rare and a once in a lifetime recording.

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to Adam Clayton Powell III on behalf of the Estate of Hazel Scott for granting Andy Stroud Inc. the rights to release this recording.

BOY EDGAR, was born George William Frederick Edgar in Amsterdam in 1915 of Armenian parents, was one of Holland's most famous jazz musicians; pianist, trumpeter, composer and arranger who subsequently gained wide acclaim as the leader of Boy Edgar's Big Band. Nina and Boy met in Amsterdam during one of her many concerts at Holland's "Carnegie Hall", the Concertgebouw and became close friends, each recognizing and respecting the superior musical ability and accomplishments of the other. "Amsterdam Jam" is an outstanding example of Boy's creative writing and arranging for his Big Band. "It Don't Mean a Thing" is a classic performance of Duke Ellington's famous standard with Boy and the Big Banc backing up Nina.

After Nina's first European tour in 1965 when she performed in Paris and discovered Jacques Brel's song, "Ne Me Quitte Pas", Nina returned to New York with a passion to learn French so she could sing the song with the correct pronunciation. In the French lesson, we have the rare opportunity to listen in on a lesson which I recorded and I now present this rare record for the listener's pleasure. Enjoy!