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Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood


Philips BE.12585 (1964 UK)

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 1 [9:99] Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood   Bennie Benjamin, Gloria Caldwell, Sol Marcus

 2 [9:99] Don't Take All Night   Bennie Benjamin, Sol Marcus

 3 [9:99] The Laziest Gal in Town   Cole Porter

 4 [9:99] Nobody   Alex Rogers, Bert Williams

Liner Notes by Langston Hughes
She is strange. So are the plays of Brendan Behan, jean Genet, LeRoi Jones, and Bertolt Brecht.
She is far-out. and at the same time common. So are raw eggs in Worcestershire and The Connection.
She is different. So was Billie Holiday, St. Francis, and John Donne. So is Mort Sahl. She is a club member, a coloured girl, an Afro-American, a homey from Down Home. She has hit the Big Town. the big towns. the LP discs and theTV shows—and she is still from down home. She did it mostly all by herself. Her name is Nina Simone. She has a flair, but no air, she has class, but does not wear it on her shoulders. Only chips. She is unique. You either like her or you don't. lf you don't, you won't. If you do- wheee-ouuu-eu! You do!
Why should one like Nina Simone because she sings a song differently? Plenty of singers sing songs differently. But many singers strain so hard to be different, pay arrangers so much money to make their songs sound different, but have no convictions themselves about what they are singing, and so seem hollow, arti?cial, fake, and wrong when they sing a song. Nina Simone is as different as beer is from champagne, crackers from crepes suzettes, Eastland from Adam Powell, Houston from Paris— each real in their way, but Oh! how different—and how fake it is if it is not Houston you want but the “city of light".
The letters I-i-v-e that spell LIVE mean exactly the same as the letters N-i-n-a that spell NINA. As for that word SIMONE. be cool, Jack, be cool! And listen to this record.