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Original discography

RCA BVCJ-7348 (1994 JP)

Same tracks as original LP.
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 1 [2:58] Seems I'm Never Tired of Lovin' You   Carolyn Franklin

 2 [2:56] Nobody's Fault But Mine   Blind Willie Johnson standard version

 3 [3:18] I Think It's Going to Rain Today   Randy Newman

 4 [3:05] Everyone's Gone To the Moon   George Kennet King

 5 [1:35] Compensation   Nina Simone, Paul Lawrence Dunbar

 6 [4:09] Who Am I?   Leonard Bernstein

 7 [3:29] Another Spring   Angelo Badalamenti, John Clifford

 8 [2:07] The Human Touch   Charles Reuben

 9 [4:45] I Get Along Without You Wery Well (Except Sometimes)   Hoagy Carmichael

 10 [4:38] The Desperate Ones   Jacques Brel, Gerard Jouannest, Eric Blau, Mort Shuman