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Nina's Choice
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Collectables COL 6308 (1999 US)

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 1 [5:41] Trouble in Mind   Richard Jones standard live version

 2 [2:39] Memphis in June   Hoagy Carmichael, Paul Francis Webster

 3 [2:53] Cotton-Eyed Joe   Traditional

 4 [2:36] Work Song   Nat Adderley, Oscar Brown jr

 5 [3:50] Forbidden Fruit   Oscar Brown jr

 6 [4:32] Little Liza Jean   Traditional

 7 [4:08] Rags and Old Iron   Oscar Brown jr, Norman Curtis

 8 [6:00] You Can Have Him (I Don't Want Him)   Irving Berlin

 9 [6:37] Just Say I Love Him   Jimmy Dale, Rodolfo Falvo, Enzo Fusco, Martin Kalmanoff, Jack Val, Sam Ward

Liner Notes by David Nathan
There's no question that Nina Simone's extraordinary talent as a musician, singer, songwriter and performer has singled her out as a legend in her own time. No matter which musical genre she chooses - be it folk, blues, jazz, soul or gospel - Nina Simone has the ability to invest every single piece of material with her own fiercely unique style. She does not compromise; her artistry is paramount; and she always delivers with relentless passion, heart and soul. Unafraid to venture into virtually any musical territory, Nina's recorded legacy spans some 35 years and the ten albums she cut for Colpix Records from 1959 to 1963 are a definitive representation of Nina's vast scope as an artist.

Born Eunice Waymon in Tryon, North Carolina, in 1933, the woman who would become Nina Simone in the '50s was playing classical pieces on the family piano at the age of seven. Blessed with perfect pitch, young Eunice was clearly a child prodigy and with the assistance of a fund provided by neighbors in the small town, she was able to further her studies, eventually attending the famed Juilliard School of Music in New York. Eunice and her family had relocated to Philadelphia in the early '50s and looking for ways to supplement her income as a private music tutor, Eunice ventured to Atlantic City to play piano at one of the New Jersey town's nightclubs. The first night she was hired, the club owner asked her to sing…and overnight, Eunice Waymon became Nina Simone…Nina, Spanish for "little girl" and Simone after French actress Simone Signoret!
Word spread up and down the Eastern seaboard about a new singer and musician who could give breath new life into jazz and pop tunes of the day and in 1959, Nina cut her first record for the Bethlehem label, a distinctive version of "I Loves You, Porgy" from the Gershwin musical "Porgy & Bess." It became a Top 10 national hit and after cutting one album for the label, Nina was signed by Colpix Records, the recording division of Columbia Pictures.

Nina stayed with Colpix until 1963, moving to Philips Records where she recorded seven albums and broadened her appeal to include European audiences who loved her honest approach and uncompromising artistry. Nina's stand on civil rights and equality were self-evident through much of the material she recorded for the label and she continued to focus on relevant social issues after signing a new contract with RCA Records in 1967. With the label, she achieved even greater international visibility thanks to hit singles like "Ain't Got No - I Got Life," "To Love Somebody" and "To Be Young, Gifted & Black."
Nina spent much of the '70s and '80s traveling the globe, living at various times in The Caribbean, Liberia, Switzerland, Holland, and the UK. She performed consistently, occasionally recording for different labels including CTI and enjoying a renaissance in 1987 when a 1959 recording, "My Baby Just Cares For Me" was used for a European advertising campaign and became a British Top10 hit in the process. A number of Nina's recordings were used in the soundtrack for the '90s film "Point of No Return" and her last album "A Single Woman" was issued by Elektra in 1993. Variously described personally as quirky, eccentric, unpredictable and other-worldly, Nina Simone currently makes her home in the South of France.

Released in 1963, Nina's Choice was a compilation of material drawn from the five prior albums she had recorded for Colpix, chosen by Nina herself.

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