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It Is Finished
Original discography

RCA BVCJ-1007 (74321-13636-2) (1993 JP)

Re-release of LP It Is Finished, last album with RCA.
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 1 [5:10] The Pusher   Hoyt Axton with applause added

 2 [5:50] Com' By H'yere   Traditional

 3 [5:17] Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter   Alline Bullock with applause added

 4 [4:43] Mr. Bojangles   Jerry Jeff Walker

 5 [5:50] I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl   Tim Brymn, Dally Small, Clarence Williams

 6 [6:49] Dambala   Exuma

 7 [3:26] Let It Be Me   Gilbert Becaud, M. Curtis, Pierre Delanoe with brother Sam

 8 [6:19] Obeah Woman   Exuma