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Upfront UPF-145 (1971 US)

First six tracks are from a 1961 performance in New York issued on a DVD titled Live.

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 1 [2:25] Sunday in Savannah   Hugh Mac Kay listed as One More Sunday in Savannah

 2 [2:46] I'll Look Around   George Cory, Douglas Cross

 3 [4:40] Nina's Blues   Nina Simone

 4 [4:17] When I Was in My Prime   Traditional

 5 [2:32] Zungo   Michael Olatunji

 6 [3:52] For All We Know   Coots, Lewis

 7 [3:45] Cotton-Eyed Joe   Traditional

 8 [5:06] Nobody   Alex Rogers, Bert Williams

 9 [5:32] But Beautiful   Johnny Burke, James Van Heusen

Liner Notes by Julie M. Demain
Nina Simone is the compleat artist.
She began her career as a pianist, became internationally famous through her singing, and also arranges many oh the selections she performs on recording and in-person dates.
When Nina sings the whole world listens!
Her blues songs grab you. Her jazz numbers are belted out in the true Southern tradition, all feeling, no inhibition.
in other words she can do anything, perfectly. She can turn you on with a blues number, gospel, or jazz tune, and slip ever so gently into a tender loving ballad, or a sensitive folk song with the grace of a prima ballerina.
And when she sings, and whatever she sings, she adds a new dimension to every song. You will enjoy this recorded performance by the great Nina Simone.