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The Iron Man

Atlantic 81996-2 (1989)

Sondtrack of musical by Pete Townshend, includes a track by Nina, "Fast Food".

Based on a children's story by poet Ted Hughes, Iron Man features performances by John Lee Hooker, Nina Simone, and The Who. On first listen, it's an ill-conceived, self-satisfied, tedious vanity project. On second listen--well, actually, who listened twice?
-Jeff Schwager, Mr. Showbiz, May 15, 1996

As he moved into a post-Who career, Townshend remained bitten by the theatrical-album bug. A 1985 album, "White City," had a unifying concept (a visit to a housing project in a hard-pressed section of London), but the story didn't take shape without Townshend's accompanying notes.
"The Iron Man," his adaptation of a children's story by Ted Hughes, stands as an example of just how bad rock can be when it aspires to be theater first and rock 'n' roll second. The music is toothless and diffuse; the only memorable moments in the whole bland affair are cameos by John Lee Hooker (as the heroic Iron Man, who chomps on anything made of metal that's threatening to humanity) and Nina Simone.
-Los Angeles Times, May 12, 1994

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 9 [4:00] Fast Food   Pete Townshend