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Fodder on My Wings
Original discography

CY Records 733622 C (1988 FR)

This is the re-release on CD of LP Fodder on My Wings with 3 bonus tracks.
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1982 January: Paris (FR) Studios Davout
 1 [2:24] I Sing Just to Know That I'm Alive   Nina Simone

 2 [5:34] Fodder in Her Wings   Nina Simone

 3 [4:30] Vous etes seuls   Nina Simone

 4 [2:21] Il y a un Baume a Gilhead   Traditional

 5 [2:59] Liberian Calypso   Nina Simone

 6 [6:27] Alone Again (Naturally)   Gilbert O'Sullivan, Nina Simone bonus track

 7 [2:25] I Was Just a Stupid Dog To Them   Nina Simone

 8 [1:03] Color Is a Beautiful Thing   Nina Simone

 9 [4:58] There Is No Returning / Le Peuple en Suisse   Kurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht, Nina Simone (medley)

 10 [3:39] Heaven Belongs To You   Traditional

 11 [5:31] Thandewye   Nina Simone

 12 [2:20] Stop   Nina Simone bonus track

 13 [0:33] You Took My Teeth   Nina Simone bonus track, erroneously listed as "They Took My Hand"